wapuu-lvWe are counting down the minutes until WordCamp Lehigh Valley…
(11973 minutes at this writing) …

While most of the major volunteer work is covered we are looking for a handful of people to:

1) Work an hour at our “Happiness Bar” –  You don’t have to be a genius; you just need to know more than the next guy to be a good neighbor.  If you have intermediate or advanced WordPress skills sign up to be available to those in need. (We’ll pair up varying levels of skills)

2) Room runners.  You get to hear the talk but are available to the room foreman to get water, wires, messages, whatever surprise needs might come up during the session.

If you can volunteer an hour or two email us and we’ll pass your name and address on to Priscila our volunteer wrangler and she’ll get you signed up for a slot!

Please let us know your preferred times to volunteer (see the schedule here)  and for Happiness Bar let us know your experience with WordPress.

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