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Ken Kramer

Speaker Lead / Audio & Video Wrangler

I began working on websites about 4 years ago. Sad to admit, I started with FrontPage. Not long after building that site, I found WordPress and I have not looked back.  I enjoy learning new things about WordPress and aware I have more to learn.

I have attended multiple WordCamps in 2015 (Philadelphia, Scranton and WordCamp US). This year I have already attended WordCamp Lancaster and watched some of the live sessions from WordCamp Miami!

You can follow me on Twitter – @kkramer2195

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Kim White

Taskmaster / Venue

I began building Websites in 1998. Email lists like Chicago WebWomen and Philly WebWomen were where I met my teachers, mentors, employers and friends.  From when the question was as simple as “How do I make my text blink?” I have always valued community input.

After attending WordCamp NYC in ’09 I was in love with WordPress and its people.  Since then WordCamps have not only been a source of education, they have been a place to meet people from all over the world and make connections long valued.

I’ve always wanted to bring this type of community closer to home and I’m “over the moon” that we can have a WordCamp right here in the Lehigh Valley!  In my spare time also work as a chapter leader for Girl Develop It Lehigh Valley!


Tim Conroy

Budgetmeister / All-round Levelheaded Guy

Raisa Yang


I’m a front end developer with a love for modular CSS and starter themes. I made my first webpage at 13 and started blogging with WordPress a few years later. Now I make a living doing the thing I love most. I build functional, flexible, and responsive websites focused on ease of use for my clients and their users. Besides coding, I’m all about good UX and meaningful design. Always the users first!

Send friendly mentions at @sweetraiscake or check out my personal page at 🙂

Cecilia Caldas-Maverick

Speaker Hospitality

I am a business owner with over 30 years in the web hosting, design and development industry, operating in the Lehigh Valley. I have many personal interests such as reading and the outdoors, which is where you’ll find me when I am not learning about the web, new technologies and innovations that fascinate me. I joined the LV WordPress Meetup to participate in the exchange of knowledge and ideas with a group of fantastic individuals learning and creating WordPress sites.

Priscilla Vazquez

Volunteer Wrangler

Priscilla Vazquez is a WordPress enthusiast creating new sites for local churches.

When not creating websites, Priscilla can be found enjoying time with family in PA and NYC, knitting, going on road trips and attending comic cons.

Jerry Waxler


I’ve spent my whole life working with math, science, and technology – from a physics degree in college. Then a first job in the Nuclear Power industry. Then  a two year stint in an old fashioned foundry working in one of the oldest technologies on earth – making stuff by pouring metal in sand molds. Then on to computers. I told one boss I love to write and he assigned me the task of writing a software manual. Writing turned out to be a great way to earn a paycheck, and for the next few decades I was either coding in various languages or writing in English. Finally, when I was around fifty, I noticed something was missing. Somehow, I had completely forgotten about people. Wuh?

After getting a master’s degree in counseling psychology, I combined my love for writing with my newfound love for people and realized that the oldest technology of all is the ability to craft a story. Like computer programmers, storytellers move electricity around in circuits, and if done well, out pops something useful, maybe even valuable.

I’m here helping with Wordcamp because I love the sense of “nerd community” – we are a collection of people who love to use computers to help humans communicate. And I also love WordPress because of all it’s done for me. I have been blogging since 2007 – attempting to make sense of people by reading their memoirs and passing lessons along to readers.

Kelly Vanek

Graphic Goodness

Kelly is the owner and creative director at Cassidy Communications. Kelly is at the forefront of all things Cassidy. When not kicking out the next “Lawyer” magazine or knocking out a new web design Kelly hangs out with her granddaughter or bicycles a few hundred miles.

wapuu-lvKelly is the designer of this year’s logo and wapuu for WordCamp LV! Thanks a TON! Kelly!

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